Who are we?

The mandate of the BRCLC is as follows;

  • To engage, educate and listen to the community of Blind River regarding the NWMO’s Site Selection Process.
  • To gather technical and social research and information related to the NWMO’s Site Selection Process.
  • To provide advice to the Council of the Municipality regarding the NWMO’s Site Selection Process and Adaptive Phased Management.

We encourage you to become involved and are currently looking for community members to join the BRCLC.

BRCLC members were selected through an open process. Your BRCLC members are:

  • Chair: Alex Solomon
  • Vice Chair: Marc Provencher
  • Council Representative: Paula Summers
  • Mayor: Sue Jensen

General Public Representatives: 

  • Robert Ambeault
  • Micheline Ethier
  • Melanie Hall
  • Sue Harrison
  • Janet Reinhardt
  • Richard Riley
  • Clerk Administrator: Kathryn Scott
  • CLC coordinator: Tyler MacIver


Members of the BRCLC

Photo of Robert Ambeault Robert Ambeault
I Robert Ambeault have been a resident of Blind River since 1978, where I was employed in a family Ford franchise for twenty years. Married to my wife Linda having three daughters we have enjoyed raising a family in a scenic rural setting. Being an active in the business community owning and operating Over the Rainbow daycare, Blind River Esso and have spent the last 15 years as a real estate agent. My previous community service involvement was president of the Junior A Hockey club, board member of the Algoma District School board, board member of the Algoma Public Health board and a Blind River councillor. I am currently very active in the Blind River Curling Club, cross country ski club and now appointed by the Town of Blind River to the Blind River Community Liaison Committee. Looking forward to getting a clear understanding of the initiative and the effects the project could present for the economic climate of the Northshore and for our future generations.
Photo of Marc Provencher Alex Solomon
I am a life time resident of Blind River. I am now retired from a teaching career which spanned over 25 years. I am a past councillor of the Town of Blind River where it was my privilege to serve for 17 years. I am currently the Chair of the Blind River Community Liaison Committee and I also serve as the President of the Blind River and District Chamber of Commerce, and I sit as Vice Cahir of the Blind River Development Corporation, where I now have another opportunity to serve the local business and the citizens of the Blind River.
My wife Debbie and I are in our fourth year of managing the Palace Theatre II, the local movie theatre, where we derive a great satisfaction in bringing entertainment to the district.
We are all on a journey of learning and we hope that you will join us at our Blind River Community Liaison Meetings to assist us in this process.
Photo of Marc Provencher Marc Provencher
I have been the branch manager of a major financial institution for 27 years and am a local business owner with familial roots in Blind River that go back three generations. As a husband, father, brother and uncle, I have served on various committees such as vice-president of public relations for the Toastmaster International Club in Sudbury as well as the Sea Gardens Beach and Tennis Resort Home Owners Association Board in Florida. I have a fervent interest in the town and look to the future while respecting the past and the town’s beautiful surroundings.
Photo of Melanie Hall Melanie Hall
I am third generation resident of Blind River and professional for over 34 years. I am a business owner and keen to help secure a future for the town and future generations. I volunteer for the Algoma Paddlers Canoe & Kayak Club, Timber Village Museum and other organizations. My passion for the north and all that it has to offer is primary on my agenda but I also realize the need for new industry and growth to sustain the community in a realistic manner.
Photo of Sue Harrison Sue Harrison
I have lived in Blind River with my husband and our family, for over 15 years. Originating from Sudbury, I am currently completing a degree in geology, and hope to be able to use my knowledge to contribute to the community.
Photo of Mayor Sue Jensen Mayor Sue Jensen
I have had the distinct pleasure of growing up in Blind River and enjoying being surrounded by the dense forests and lush in-land lakes and rivers. It is my belief that one is truly blessed once they have had the opportunity to experience living in Blind River. My husband Stanley and I are both natives of Blind River and raised 3 children in this town we are so blessed to call “home”.
I am the proud Mayor of the Town of Blind River. I was first elected in 2010 and in that election can proudly say that I was the first woman Mayor of Blind River. I was successful once again in 2014 and truly enjoy my role. Prior to my mayoral role, I was a councillor since the year 2000. I enjoy serving the public and pride myself in being a “people person”.
Small business was the start of my career – my father and I were partners in the Sue and Pop Shoppe corner store for many years. Long hours and a growing family forced the sale of the business and thus started my career as a Financial Advisor.
It is my intention to remain in Blind River for many years to come and hopefully see the NWMO locate in Blind River.
Photo of Janet Reinhardt Janet Reinhardt
I moved to Blind River in 1962. I am currently retired but enjoyed working for several local businesses such as Algoma Public Health, Blind River Chamber of Commerce, and the Mobile Crisis Response as their team leader. I take a strong interest in what happens in Blind River and over the years have volunteered with several organizations. In the past I have volunteered as the chair for the Blind River Library and the Blind River Big Brother Big Sister Organization. I sat on the district health council for four years and the Blind River Planning Board for 11 years. Currently I am the chairperson for the Ministry and Personnel at St. Andrew’s United Church and sing in their choir. I also sit on the BRMAC committee for the Town of Blind River. Education is important to me and I am continually updating my profile. I currently have a BA in Sociology, certificate in Family Life Studies and Human Sexuality as well as a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Currently I am continuing my studies by taking course in French language.
Over the past few years I have had an interest in the NWMO and the Learning Process I have attended several NWMO functions and BRCLC meetings, so, when a chance came forth to apply to be a committee member I put in my application and here I am now on the BRCLC committee continuing to Learn.
Photo of Paula Summers Councillor Paula Summers
I was born and raised in Blind River and after living in Sault Ste. Marie for 5 years after marrying my husband Bob, we moved back to Blind River to raise our 3 children. I worked at Blind River District Health Centre for 35 years. I enjoy being with my growing family which now includes 2 son-in-law’s and 4 grand-children. My hobbies are gardening, knitting and reading.
Over the years I have been active in the community and am now a councillor for Municipality of the Town of Blind River. I love this community and would love to see opportunities for economic growth for the future. Being on this committee is a very interesting learning experience. I would recommend to the citizens to come out and learn about the process so that informed decisions can be made about our future.