Who Are We?

We are the North Shore Community Nuclear Liaison Committee (NSNWCLC) established by Township of the North Shore Council in February 2013. Our objective is to help the people of the Township of the North Shore learn about Canada’s plan for used nuclear fuel and involve the Township of the North Shore residents in these learning activities. NSNWCLC members were selected through an open process.

We meet on the third Monday of every month in the Council Chambers of the municipal office in Algoma Mills. Our meetings are open to all those who are interested. For meeting times, please visit here.

Committee members are:

  • Rhonda Kirby, Chair
  • Les Booker, Vice Chair
  • Janice Shea
  • Howard Booker
  • Brenda Wilson, Council Representative
  • Randi Condie, Mayor (ex-officio)
Photo of The North Shore C L C members: Back to front, left to right - Les Booker, Howard Booker, Randi Condie, Janice Shea, Rhonda Kirby, Brendy Wilson

(Back to front, left to right – Les Booker, Howard Booker, Randi Condie, Janice Shea, Rhonda Kirby, Brenda Wilson)

The Township of the North Shore is one of 15 communities currently involved in the NWMO Learn More Program. The majority of these communities have asked the NWMO to begin the more detailed preliminary assessment studies (Step 3 of a nine-step process). No community has yet moved beyond Step 3 as this work is still underway. For more information on Step 3, please visit: www.nwmo.ca/sitingprocess_


Members of the NSNWCLC

Photo of Rhonda Kirby Rhonda Kirby, Chair
Rhonda was born in Blind River and has lived most of her life in the North Shore area. She received her post-secondary education at Brock University in St. Catharines where she obtained her Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, followed by a Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University in North Bay. Upon graduation in 1984, she returned to the area to begin her teaching career. She has been actively involved in coaching school athletics, as well as volunteering in various local clubs and organizations.
Rhonda and her husband Tom have lived on Lake Lauzon since 1986, where they have raised two children. Both outdoor enthusiasts, and recenlty retired, they continue to enjoy what the North has to offer.
Rhonda feels strongly that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect our natural environment and the well-being of our community. She has joined the Township of The North Shore CLC in order to learn more about the environmental impact a Nuclear Waste Repository would have on the community and surrounding area.
Photo of Les Booker Les Booker, Vice Chair
Les attended elementary school in Spanish, Ontario. The family moved to Quebec then to Southern Ontario.
He and his wife, Cory, raised a family in Ontario where their grown children all reside.
They vacationed in the North for 35 years and returned to the North in 2010 to open Algoma Mills Pottery and Arts establishment.
Les believes in corporate accountability and transparency. He believes that the integrity of our region is sensitive to environmental input and development.
Being a member of the Nuclear Waste Community Liaison Committee is an opportunity to contribute positively.
Photo of Janice Shea Janice Shea
Janice is a second generation resident of Spragge. Having been raised in the Township of The North Shore, she continues to live in Spragge with her husband, Dan, and son, Caleb. Her adult daughter also currently resides in Spragge.
For the past 20 years, Janice has been employed with the Algoma District School Board, first as a Developmental Service Worker, working with students with developmental disablities and, currently, as an Attendance Secretary at Elliot Lake Secondary School. Janice is very active in her school community, volunteering where help is needed.
She joined the CLC to become more informed about the process of the deep geological repository and to help educate the community.
Photo of Howard Booker Howard Booker
Howard has lived in Spragge for over 40 years. He is a retired teacher. He is married to Nellie. They have five adult children and eleven grandchildren.
Howard is familiar with nuclear radiation concerns, having worked for Rio Algom for a number of years.
He is active in ELNOS, the Gideons and the local church.
He enjoys gardening, raising chickens and outdoor activities.
Photo of Brenda Wilson Brenda Wilson, Council Representative
At present, Brenda is the Councillor at Large for the Township of The North Shore.
She and her husband moved to the area ten years ago and are established on beautiful Lake Lauzon. They created and are now operating a successful business in Algoma Mills called Wilson’s Market Garden.
Brenda is interested in expanding her limited knowledge on nuclear fuel and learning more about this project.
Photo of Randi Condie Randi Condie, Mayor (ex-officio)
Randi is the Mayor of the Township of The North Shore. He grew up in The North Shore and attended school in Algoma Mills where the municipal office is now located.
He left the area when his family moved to Sudbury as his father was following a mining career.
Randi worked for INCO for 32 years and is now retired. He and his wife Jill reside on Lauzon Village Road in Algoma Mills.
The Condies chose to return to this picturesque area because of the open spaces, small town community atmosphere, family and friends.