Welcome to the Ignace Community Nuclear Liaison Committee (ICNLC)

The purpose of this website is to facilitate communication between the ICNLC and the community.

The Ignace Community Nuclear Liaison Committee (ICNLC) is an important resource for our community as we continue Step 3 of the site selection process. Comprised entirely of local volunteers, our working group performs several key functions, among them helping to develop an accurate description of our community and the surrounding region, keeping fellow residents informed about the results of preliminary assessments, making sure that residents’ concerns are addressed, and tailoring information sessions to meet local needs in order to involve the entire community in learning about the NWMO and Canada’s plan for managing used nuclear fuel over the long term.

To visit the Township of Ignace website, please click here.


About the Township of Ignace

The Township of Ignace is located in the Kenora District of northwestern Ontario at the junction of Highway 17 and Highway 599. Ignace is also on the Canadian Pacific Railway between Thunder Bay and Kenora. Situated on the shores of Agimak Lake, Ignace is home to 1,200 residents. The economy in Ignace is based primarily in forest products, tourism and transportation industries. The town has its own newspaper, the Ignace Driftwood, as well as strong accommodation and food service sectors that serve travellers along the Trans-Canada Highway business corridor.


Members of the ICNLC

  • Austin Thompson – Youth representative
  • Danine Chief – Lake Ojibway Nation – Nuclear Waste Information Liaison
    • Alternate: Ursula Chief
  • Brad Greaves – Member
  • Cindy Stark – Member
  • Diana Baril – Member
  • Don Cunningham – Mayor Ignace
  • Kelvin Davenport – Member
  • Lee Kennard – Member
  • Tyler Peacock – Dryden representative
    • Alternate: Nicole Gale
  • Penny Lucas – Councilor representative (Ignace)
  • Roger Dufault – Member
  • Marco Hinds – Project Coordinator